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Hi there you two.


 I've chosen around 25 possibles. Here are just a few of them you may or may not love but it would be helpful to get some input re; editing. "forest" photos always want to be green green green, so I try to adjust without diluting the vibrancy of the trees. I'm basically just lightening the skin (as an edit) as if I had used a flash (which I would have tucked in my bag had I realized how dimly lit most of the Hamlin is.) 

Feel free, if you happen to like one of these, to tell me what you DON'T like about it. That will inform how I edit the rest and how I re-do any of these.

There is little I can't change or fix.

Such a pleasure to see you both. It was an honor to make your photos and to sweat profusely in your presence!  


Photos can be referred to by their numbers ex. 8745 or 9748-edit 1. Don't need the jpg.  :) 

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