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What to wear


Avoid baggy clothes. Slim fitting is best. Darkers colors are nice. If there are areas you'd like to minimize, we can do so with lighting, posing, angles, editing. Bring a small selection of clothing. I find that necklines are the most challenging. If you're not sure, peek at photos "headshots" on the web and identify styles of tops you like.



Don't go too glam. Natural is better.

Eyes are important. They are the focal point of any portrait, so make choices that feature your eye in their most natural state. Don't use excessive eyeshadow or any product that sparkles unless that's who are are. If so, go for it!


Do use concealer. If your skin is uneven and you're not a "make-up" person, do consider a natural base but don't use matte powder unless you have the translucent variety. Editing out powder clumps is difficult.


When will I see my photos?


We can schedule a follow-up or I will just post all the possibles (I'll choose 10-20) on an Adobe online gallery, and you can let me know (by photo number ex. Sparker101418023 - I only need the last three numbers - 023) which ones you like. You might say, "I like the one where I'm looking down, but it's not quite right. Can you show me more like that?" One thing I've learned, I rarely EVER choose the one photo the client likes best. It's weird. 


During our follow-up, we can sit in front of the computer and identify what you like and don't like about any of your final choices. There is little that can't be done to "repair" how the camera has chosen to see you. Remember, photos aren't real. We're 3D creatures. The goal is to make the photo the best you, not someone else. 


I'll post the finals. You'll be able to download web versions. I can send you via email or thumb drive, files suitable for printing. 


I'm happy to help you with having any photos printed.  Just let me know.

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