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These are examples of some of the edited photos I sent. Just peruse and send me a list of numbers of the photos you'd like (ex. DSC5256-2. But you only need the 256-2) and I'll edit those and repost in a manner you can download. If you view the photos by clicking on them, you'll see the number. I can also/or mail you a thumbdrive, too. If you'd like that, send a snail mail. x0x0x0x

Note: I never share photos (my website or social unless you give me permission. No worries if you'd rather keep these private.  Some folks like to do that I completely honor that. :) ) 

Example of skin editing - brightening. Brightening can minimize little skin features and smooth. Just let me know if you prefer the Natural look or if you'd like me to brighten the skin a bit.  (Natural or brighten)

Unedited photos. Lots of go through. I don't usually send this many, but I figure you probably have some time on your hands.  :)  Just search for expressions and body position. I can edit everything else. Don't worry about exposure, cropping, etc. Even stray hairs. If you love a certain look, just let me know. I usually crop to 8x10 or 5x7 but I can edit any photo to any dimension. Don't worry about that. 

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