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Here's an example of the RAW image and the edited version.  Don't worry about light or stray hairs or complexion. Just choose the photos with the expressions you like the best and I'll edit them and repost for download. All photos have been cropped at 8x10 but we can pan out on almost all of these to catch more of your upper body, etc. 

Unedited                               Edited

These - below - are mostly unedited although a few have been worked on. Sorry there are so many but I hate to pick FOR you. :) You can send me a list of photo numbers (ex. DSC219.jpg or 512-2.jpg.)  All I need is the number 219  or 512-2.  Why don't you let me edit them, then you can get back to me with any specific notes (i.e. Can this be brighter/darker, can you crop less/more, etc.) 

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