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There are four choices for each person. I have placed my favorites at the beginning but you can choose any of them. 

Navigation: Click on any photo and it will open to its own page. Then use the arrows on the right or left to scroll through the photos. 

(It's a bit clunky - sorry! has recently changed up things and I'm currently considering other options for online photo galleries.)

Under the photo is the photo number. That should be used to reference any particular photo on which you'd like more editing. (I don't need the first part. Only the number ex. 4657, or 4285-edit)

Typical comments and requests: 

1) Can you lighten the skin under my eyes?

2) Can you remove that little stray hair?

3) Can you brighten my face a bit?

4) Can you back off with some of the editing so that my skin, eyes, etc. look a bit more natural?

5) Can you remove and/or minimize a (blemish, mole, wrinkle, etc.) We can do anything with Photoshop.

6) You inadvertently removed or minimized a birthmark. 

Cropping: I don't think these should be cropped more than they are currently, but I can back out a bit if you'd like more upper body.  I would have to do that for ALL of the photos though. I'd appreciate it your web designer would NOT crop the photos.

Typically this page link is shared and employees send photo choices and editing suggestions directly to .  Once I hear from everyone, I will repost the chosen photos on this same page with a download icon. I will also send you a thumb drive that includes all of the photos currently posted.

The group photos are on a different page. The link will be sent soon.

Everyone was so lovely and fun.


Thank you,

Scott Warrender

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